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LA Business Connect - LA County DBA Filing & Publishing Services

File & Publish Your DBA 3 Easy Steps…


Filing and Publishing Pricing:

Price Includes:
  • Up to 2 business name filings per application/order
  • Up to 4 business owner registrants per application/order
If your request is to FILE & PUBLISH:

First search your DBA/Fictitious business name against the Los Angeles county filing database to see if your name is available.  Click on DBA Name Search and enter your proposed DBA/Business Name. The search link will open a new window to the Los Angeles County Clerk DBA/FBN database.

To start the application process, click on File-Publish DBA and enter the information requested. This information will be used to complete your fictitious business name (DBA) application. Each order includes the standard 2014 DBA/FBN Application for the Los Angeles County Clerk/Recorder in California. (All forms are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader for viewing. To install, click on the icon below.) Each DBA order includes the required 30-day publishing (Published with LA Daily Journal).

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • All DBA applications require your original signatures for filing (no scanned faxes or copies are accepted by the county clerk). The County Clerk will not file the form without an original signature. (Please note: If the registrant or business name is a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC), you must also send a copy of the California Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization for that name. This copy will be sent to the Los Angeles County Clerk along with your form.)
  • Mail the signed form to:
DBA Filing Services
2000 Riverside Drive, Suite 206
Los Angeles, CA 90039
  • When your form has been received and processed by us, you will receive a confirmation letter by e-mail.

  • A certified copy of the filed form will be mailed to you after it is filed with the Los Angeles County Clerks office. (Please note: This certified copy is usually required by banks to open your business account.) (You will receive your certified DBA/Fictitious Business Name form within 5-7 business days after receipt of your signed DBA form.)

  • Publication of the notice will be scheduled after the form is filed. The notice is published once a week for four consecutive weeks.  We will place your notice for publication in a legally qualified local newspaper in Los Angeles County.

  • After the last date of publication, a Proof of Publication will be filed with the Los Angeles County Clerk and a copy will be sent to the address provided on the application. The process is complete once you have received the filed copy of the Proof of Publication. (This process takes approximately 4-5 weeks no matter what newspaper you publish with)

All Filing & Publishing is guaranteed by LABusinessConnect.com – Click Here for more information on our DBA Filing & Publishing Policies.

At any time using your order confirmation number, you may go to www.labusinessconnect.com/dba to check the status of your order.